Otentik - Bluewavez
Otentik - Bluewavez
Otentik - Bluewavez
Otentik - Bluewavez
Otentik - Bluewavez


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Enjoying the great outdoors, basking in the sun, and savoring the beach is all fun and great, until you get sunburned. If you are looking for a protective cover for your next beach outing but do not want to carry a bulky umbrella, then the Otentik Original is great for you!

It can fit up to 6 people.

This easy to pack and carry tent can actually fit up to six people. Unlike other tents that can make you feel cramped, the Otentik is designed to be spacious enough and not make you feel constricted.

It protects you from the harsh rays of the sun.

The Otentik is made from special microfiber fiber that provides UV protection for you and your companions on a day out on the beach. Stay protected and have the peace of mind that no matter how high the sun is, the Otentik has you covered. So, go ahead and take that restful nap under the protection of your Otentik!

It is easy to set up.

What makes Otentik a joy to use is that it is so easy to assemble and set-up. It can even be done by a single person. To set the Otentik up, all you need to do is spread out the sunshade.

After that, just fill the sandbags at each corner. Extend the fabric until it is all stretched out, then place the poles inside the Otentik. You are done in quick easy steps that you can do all by yourself.

It is quite handy and even comes in different colors.

The Otentik comes in various vibrant colors, making it easy to spot your tent or your friend’s, even on a crowded beachfront. Match your Otentik with your style and your mood.

No more bulk tents or umbrellas on your next beach trips. The Otentik packs into a small, easy to carry case, so you can take it with you anywhere.

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  • It comes in a small and easy to carry case.
  • It is easy to set-up.
  • It provides UV protection.
  • It can fit up to six people.

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