Baby Hip-Waist Carrier - Bluewavez
Baby Hip-Waist Carrier - Bluewavez
Baby Hip-Waist Carrier - Bluewavez
Baby Hip-Waist Carrier - Bluewavez
Baby Hip-Waist Carrier - Bluewavez
Baby Hip-Waist Carrier - Bluewavez

Baby Hip-Waist Carrier

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Babies are wonderful. They bring tremendous joy to families. They make trips to the mall extra special. Even a trip to the market with the baby is a whole new experience. 

However fun it may seem, carrying a baby around can be a literal pain to the body. Imagine lugging around a moving, wriggling, and sometimes screaming 15-pounder. At the end of the day, you will feel like begging for a back massage and muscle painkillers.

If carrying a stroller is not possible, then here is the best thing for you. Introducing, the Baby Hip-Waist Carrier. You’ll love it so much you’ll wonder why you did not discover it when you had your first baby.

It takes the stress off your back.

Your baby sits on the carrier at your hips which carries the weight of your baby. This removes the stress and the weight off your back. It has an adjustable belt to provide superior support and comfort for you and your baby. You can use it when you carry your infants at home, or when you are outdoors.

It is safe and comfortable for your little one.

Your little one’s comfort is of utmost priority, and the Baby Hip-Waist Carrier was designed to keep your baby safe and comfortable. It is made from 100% polyester material, medical food-grade silicon surface, and shock proof materials to ensure your baby’s comfort while supporting him well. It is also made from non-toxic materials so it is safe for your baby.

It is easy to use.

The Baby Hip-Waist Carrier was designed with ease of use in mind. It contains a side zipper pocket where you can put your important belongings such as keys and cellular phones.  

You can use it in three different carrying positions: Horizontal Position, Inward Facing, and Forward Facing. Choose from these three positions where you and your baby are most comfortable and secured. 

It is made of anti-skid materials.

The Baby Hip-Waist Carrier is made of anti-skid materials to ensure the safety of your baby. The fabric is also breathable for your comfort.


The perfect gift for someone who is expecting a baby or someone who has an infant is here! It is the perfect gift for you and your little one as well. Order the Baby Hip-Waist Carrier now!



  • Helps prevent back pain.
  • It is safe and comfortable for your baby.
  • It is made from food safe and non-toxic materials.
  • Makes carrying your baby easier and more convenient.

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